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Freelancers Guide to Life, and Business

Feb 19, 2020

Daniel Hall is a 'Top Rated' member of the website Upwork and has earned over $1 million as a freelancer. He has subsequently written the book "The Million Dollar Freelancer", which is available to buy on Amazon now.

Dec 20, 2019

Join me in a conversation about how Shoshanna Cogan overcame one hell of a tough place in her life, being homeless. Shoshanna shares details about her mindset and the external influences that kept her in an abusive relationship, and she found the courage and inspiration to change it all. She now runs a global...

Nov 15, 2019

Join me in a conversation about how Aaron Welch made the leap back into freelancing, this time with the financial responsibility of a young family and house. Find out how he and his wife negotiated a plan that worked for both of them and is now running a successful and growing freelance business.

More About Aaron:

I'm a...