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Freelancers Guide to Life, and Business

Apr 1, 2020

In this episode, I welcomed Sara Caso Conde. Sara has what many of us strive for, her dream job! As the director of consultant services at MBO Partners, she helps independent talent, freelancers and consultants. Known internally at the company as the 'independent consulting therapist', Sara works with consultants on everything from setting up their business from a legal and tax perspective, redlining their contracts, helping them with their website, and positioning themselves to work with larger firms. She helps independent talent from all over the spectrum, whether they are just beginning, early in their career, or later in their career. Sara realized she had a deep subject matter expertise, but it dawned on her that she wasn't taking her own advice. So, she found her space and was able to find her voice.


More About Sara

Sara has 15 years of experience in developing, selling, and optimizing programs designed for both sides of the independent consulting equation (e.g., Fortune 500 enterprises and elite independent talent). Inspired by her freelance clients, Sara recently started a sales consulting business, Sara Caso Conde, LLC. In addition to her LLC, Sara is responsible for talent-facing products and services and acts as a brand ambassador on behalf of her employer, MBO Partners, Inc.

You can find Sara at: