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Freelancers Guide to Life, and Business

Mar 25, 2020

In this episode, I welcomed the "project whisperer" for digital products and experiences, Jewel Mlnarik. Jewel has a career spanning over 20 years and what began as a side gig eventually led her to a startup. She went through many of the ups and downs that startups face, maxed out credit cards, and cashed out retirement funds--things she’d NEVER recommend to anyone! When all else failed, she knew she had a backup plan of being a freelancer. Freelancing allowed her to take a break, and she now looks back at these ups and downs as her "founder recovery period". Jewel's recovery period was really about reinstating good habits and establishing them in a low-stress environment. Through freelancing, she was able to reset, recover and regroup her priorities.

More about Jewel.

In Jewel's 20-year career, she's architected digital products to last, recruited teams, scaled companies, managed remotely, failed fast, led clients to success, produced award-winning experiences and founded a few communities, local and global. She's been a freelancer and entrepreneur since 2003 as a sole proprietor, LLC, S-Corp, and C-Corp and has worked as a consultant, general contractor, and subcontractor.

She enjoys cross-pollinating ideas and tactics to increase our collective potential, clarifying expectations, and leaving every space/group/one better than she finds them.

You can find Jewel at: