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Freelancers Guide to Life, and Business

Apr 15, 2020

In this episode, I’m joined by Benjamin Portnoy, “Hustler-in-Chief” at Side Hustle Elevator. Benjamin’s long freelance career has gone through many phases. He’s worked as a freelance musician, voiceover talent, marketer, copywriter and designer, just to name a few. Benjamin has been hustling throughout his adult career to find out not only what makes him happy, but also what makes him financially secure. He's found that a key to the big picture is to identify your roadblocks and find your motivation. Do that, and your hustle will follow.     

More About Benjamin

Benjamin Portnoy is the "Hustler-In-Chief" of, which provides support, tools, training and community to help people make more money and passive income through fun and fulfilling side jobs. His own list of side hustles includes voiceover, marketing automation, real estate investor/rehabber, and professional musician.


You can find Benjamin at: