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Freelancers Guide to Life, and Business

Mar 5, 2020

It was perfect timing when I met Kim in Buffalo, NY last summer. She was just 90 days into starting up her freelance business and eager to share some specific lessons she learned that could help her peers looking to jump off into starting a freelance business.

Kim believes it’s time to change the way we work. Be more positive, collaborative and creative. Involve our community and partners in building our future. Activate our true brand to better connect with our customers.

Kim Marie McKernan founded Inspired Outcomes to offer a new, modern approach that combines Appreciative Inquiry, Creative Problem Solving, and advanced Marketing techniques. Her services are customized and personal for startups, individuals and businesses that want to build a unique brand, find new opportunities, and leverage an international marketing leader. By meeting you where you are, taking you where you want to go and making the experience easy, enjoyable and meaningful – the result is the inspired outcome you need to succeed.