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Freelancers Guide to Life, and Business

Mar 11, 2020

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with mobile app startup founder and industry vet, Holly Jee. Holly and I talk about some of her favorite tools and how they can help you stay organized. Later, she gives us insight into how she tends to find clients. We also speak about challenges freelancers face, and ways to better cope with the day-to-day of working for yourself. 

Holly has nearly 10 years of experience in digital marketing and events. She has proven to be a vital pillar in the small business and technology community in Austin having a skillset that some say make her a one-woman agency. 

She has put her experience to good use in founding her company, heirlum, a social memory app for preserving the legacies of those most important to us through Augmented Reality and Cloud Computing. Heirlum is just one of the few new legacy startups in the U.S. that are working toward modernizing the remembrance experience in unique and personalized ways.


You can find Holly at: